Rock or Something.

by Pete Bell November 08, 2016 1 Comment

You rip at the warm pouch of Chili Mac with your teeth like the King of the Jungle tearing into an out-of-shape, fat-body gazelle. Blood streams from the corner of your mouth as the industrial grade packaging finally gives way to the goodness inside. You plop down on the ground and lean up against a tire to enjoy your kill, wishing you were anywhere but here. But hey it could be worse, MRE scars fade, you have half a pack of Pines in your pocket, and you didn't end up with the Veggie Omelette like Steinhaus. Nope, this deployment is coming to an end, and in a few short weeks you will be back home, rocking your new criminally-soft, made in the USA 'Rock or Something' tee from Inkfidel while enjoying an ice-cold soda pop. Things could be a whole lot worse.

Pete Bell
Pete Bell


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Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey

May 12, 2017

Hi friends, I’m Paul Harvey, back from the grave to let you know…the rest of the story.

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