The Inkfidel Story

It all started at Ft. Knox.

When the Drill Sergeants find out a Private has some artistic ability, that guy is immediately put in charge of coming up with the t-shirt for the cycle. That guy was me, Private First Class Bell. From Ohio. PFC Bell sucked at running, but was good at drawing. The Drills let me live.

You don't have much room for creativity in basic training, so the shirt that I ultimately designed, my very first military tee, sucked. I refuse to take the blame though, the Drills controlled every stroke of the pen and therefore, the design was way more theirs than mine. 

Pretty sweet ghostly-green flames, eh? check out the bad-ayss horseman. I have no idea how this all related to what all of us Privates were headed off to do after graduation, but I decided it was a good idea to just 'execute' my orders. 

To this day I have never worn that shirt. Not once. 

I went on to design a few more t-shirts while I was serving with the 82nd and 173rd Airbornes over