Pete's Guarantee





I guarantee that your Inkfidel gear will be the softest, most comfortable apparel you own. If it's not just let me know and I will take it back for a full refund plus your return shipping cost, no questions asked. That's it. Too easy.

We aren't a big, faceless military lifestyle apparel brand focused on turning and burning customers and designs.  We are the new kids on the block, the boots. We can't compete with big advertising budgets, cool movies, or celebrity endorsements. We compete by making a better product with a unique look only veterans will 'get', and by providing the best customer service in this market.

We are one of the only military apparel brands to print all of our designs on American Apparel™ brand products made right here in the USA. The look, feel, and cut of these tees is unmatched by any other mill either here or overseas. I personally conduct a press-check on every print run we do for both new designs and re-orders to ensure that the print quality exceeds our standards and more importantly, yours.

Don't take my word for it though. Read through the product reviews on our site to get an idea what other veterans think about our products, nobody knows more about us than they do.

Whether you decide to shop with us or another brand I want to thank you in advance for supporting veteran-owned small business!


Got Your 6,

Pete Bell

Founder, Inkfidel