Art of War Project. Art therapy for veterans suffering with PTSD in Denver, Colorado

Helping veterans who are struggling is a cause that we can all get behind.  At the end of each month we will be donating 10% of our monthly sales to The Art of War Project, a group that works to help veterans struggling with PTSD. We will also be selling their t-shirt on our page and donating 100% of the proceeds directly to them so that they can continue to provide veterans with the supplies necessary for their therapy.  Please read about The Art of War Project below from their founder, Curt Bean:




My name is Curt Bean, I'm a former Army Sniper that served in OIF 1,2 & 3. I saw that there was a need for alternative therapy programs for vets with PTSD,  because I am one of them. We currently run classes locally in Denver out of the VA, Vet Center and now Hope Tank. We try to raise awareness by selling T shirts and staying active in the community. Hopefully in the future we can continue to grow the program and reach more veterans that are suffering daily. There is a great need for this program all over the country. I want to spread the word about the need for this program to raise awareness and funds for this program. We greatly appreciate all of the support and have great hopes for the future, if you have any questions or comments please contact me


What veterans are saying about The Art of War Project:

“The chance to step outside of the box of verbal emotion, to an outlet through art is a reward that words cannot express.”—(OIF/OEF)

“The Art of War Project has hands down been the best experience I’ve had while in the Denver PTSD program. The ability to put the thoughts and images in my head into a medium has been a healing I’ve needed for a long time.”—(OIF/OEF)

“The Art of War Project!! Is a great way to wind down the day and relax. Curtis is a great inspiration to us and he cares about us brothers to let our artistic side come out. It opens us up to let what is on our mind flow freely and uncritized. Thank you Curtis.” (PANAMA)

“The Art of War Project is such a great outlet for the nightmares that persist and help me too. What a small way to be such a big release for all the brothers who suffer from PTSD.” –(VIETNAM 66-67, 68-69)

“The art class is just what I needed. It has been 15-18 years ago that I lost interest in doing activities. I Am thankful for this class.”—(VIETNAM)

“This is a positive art program for Vets recovery, it helps to make good energy.”—(OIF/Persian Gulf/Yugoslavia)

“The Art of War Project has helped me so much I can’t find the words.”—(OEF)


Please visit the Art of War Facebook page here: Art of War


You can watch a short video featuring Curt and The Art of War Project here: Art of War Video