Everything You Always Wanted to Know About MREs but were Afraid to Ask...

"Mr. E" (mystery), "Meals Rejected by Everyone", "Meals, Rarely Edible", "Meals Rejected by the Enemy", and of course, the world-famous 'Four Fingers of Death"

No matter what you called MREs, we all had our favorites (Chili-Mac) and the ones we wouldn't feed to a mangy Iraqi dog (Veggie Omelette). I decided that it was high-time I dove into the history of the chow we all loved to hate to find out a little more about these fine delicacies.

I hope you enjoy this collection of useless information while waiting for final formation or during an extended trip to the head (that's a 'bathroom' for all of you that have been out a long time....like me)


MRE fun facts headerMREs are designed to withstand parachute drops from 1,250 feet and non-parachute drops of 100 feet. (Especially the least popular ones)

The FRH will heat the entree of an MRE by raising the temperature of the 8-ounce entree by 100 F in 12 minutes.

Your Tabasco sauce may be used as a gargle for sore throats

Use a pinch of instant tea from your MRE and apply it to your gums to help eliminate canker sores. (Note: instant tea is ineffective against whatever you caught from Misty at the club last Friday)

During Operation Desert Storm many U.S. Forces ate MREs for 60+ days straight. (That sucks.) 


MRE Recipes header

(via Survival Gear Source)

Pot Luck Pie
1 pouch Beef Stew
½ packet Cheese Spread
4 dashes Hot Sauce (optional)
½ pack Crackers (crumbled)

Heat Beef Stew and Cheese Spread in heater
Combine Stew, Cheese Spread, Hot Sauce and top with crumpled crackers to taste.

Enchilada Soup

1 pouch heated Beef Enchiladas
1 packet Cheese Spread (heated)
4 ounces heated water (1/6 canteen cup)
Hot Sauce to taste

Slice Beef Enchiladas into small pieces
Add cheese spread, water and hot sauce. Mix well while humming the Hat Dance.

Birthday Cake

MRE Pound Cake
1 Package of MRE Crackers
1 Pack of dairy creamer
1 Pack of cocoa mix
1 Pack of MRE Sugar
1 Water and a canteen cup with a spoon to mix
1 Book of matches

In the canteen cup mix cocoa powder, dairy creamer, pack of sugar, and some water. Adjust thickness of the icing by adding more or less of the cocoa mix. Mix them all together.

Add icing to the top of the poundcake and enjoy the hell out of it.

Ranger Pudding

You will need to cut some deals to acquire all of the ingredients needed: 
 peanut butter

 hot cocoa


With the package unopened, pulverize the crackers.  Peel open the package of crackers about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from edge and tear straight across; this will become the top of the preparation.  Pull open the sides of the crackers package such that with the opening on top you have a makeshift cup.  Now add the peanut butter then a little water.  Stir the crackers in to give it a crunchy pudding consistency.  Add the sugar, hot cocoa, and coffee to give it the taste.  Add more water if needed, my personal preference was to fill it about 3/4 of the way up with water after adding the entire peanut butter package.  

For more delicious MRE recipes please visit: http://www.survivalgearsource.com/mre_recipes.html