• What Would Patton Do
  • What Would Patton Do

What Would Patton Do


The Story

You are in line at the PX and the old lady in front of you is digging through her gigantic purse looking for a $.50 off coupon for her 5 cans of cat food.  Formation is in 15 minutes all the way across post and school just let out, the route is crawling with MPs.  You scan the covers of the Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times....trying to kill some times while she looks for her military ID card.  

This is it, you have to make a choice. What are you going to do? What would Patton Do? 

General Patton would push her commie-butt out of the way and buy his Ripits and Funyuns with American Eagle feathers, but you are not Patton.  You are a soldier, an airman, a marine, a sailor.  You are sworn to uphold the constitution and to protect old ladies, not bust out combatives on them.

You quietly put your pogie bait down and sprint out to your rig.  1SG is waiting...

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