Inkfidel Freedom Fleece™

Your chest pounds like it's being strafed by 30mm rounds from an A-10. Your quads burn, screaming from the buildup of lactic acid as they churn at a jack-rabbit's pace to carry from danger. A quick check of your 6, and just as you feared, he's gaining on you. This E-7 has incredible speed, in his left hand he clutches a pen, and in his right, a contract extension. You try to run faster but there's no use, it's the end of the quarter and the retention NCO has you. He tackles you to the ground and together you roll across the dirt, coming to rest in his dimly lit office. As he grinds your head into the linoleum with his forearm you begin to make your mark on the dotted line. Suddenly, sitting straight up in bed you realize that it was just a horrible nightmare. There is no retention NCO, no 183 year extension, you are safe and sound in your own bed. You snuggle back in feeling warm and secure under your 100% polyester Freedom Fleece™ from Inkfidel. No, there will be no reenlistment tonight, not tomorrow, not ever. With a smile on your face you drift back to sleep.

50" x 60" Stadium Fleece Blanket featuring accurate, scale reproduction of official DD Form 214 


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